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Compact, Efficient and Reliable Heat Exchangers

Tranter heat exchangers share one thing in common—heat transfer through plates instead of tubes. The result... compact units with small heat transfer areas compared to conventional shell & tube exchangers. Plate exchangers conserve both material and labour resources, reducing up-front costs and future operational costs.

The Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger handles temperature approaches of less than 1°C (2°F) and offers “U” or “K “ values 3 to 6 times higher than shell & tube exchangers.

The Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger withstands demanding temperature and pressure extremes, thanks to its robotically welded, accordion-like plate pack.

Trust our expertise to enable you to attain maximum possible performance and uptime.


These prime surface heat exchangers deliver efficient and uniform heat transfer for immersion or jacketed heating, gas cooling and more.

Compact mini-welded heat exchanger units provide immediate thermal response and a close temperature approach capability of less than 1°C.

Heat Exchanger Accessories
Tranter offers a wide range of accessories for improving thermal efficiency, process control and maintainability.