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Plates are regasketed with OEM spec replacement gaskets and adhesives.

Non-OEM gaskets may cost you! The substitute gasket shown failed in less than 3 months, resulting in unplanned downtime and excessive maintenance costs.


Former Model Name​

Current Model Name​ ​
​G12GC-12​​         ​GCD-012
​MF-257 ​GM-257

Plate Heat Exchanger Service in the UK​ and Ireland

Whatever brands of plate heat exchangers are installed in your facility, they originally started up delivering OEM nameplate performance. Tranter Service Centres want to ensure that you continue to enjoy nameplate performance. Our fast, economical and reliable service means minimal downtime for your exchanger and reliable protection for your equipment.
That’s why we offer OEM quality replacement parts and service for every plate heat exchanger in your facility. Tranter can clean and regasket all makes of plate heat exchangers – Alfa Laval, APV, Arsopi, Atlantic, Ciat, Cipriani, Cetetherm, Funke, GEA, GMS, Hisaka, HRS, Reheat, Rycroft, Sondex, Spirax Sarco, SPX, Schmidt, Stokvis, SWEP, Thermowave, Vicarb and others too.   
For Tranter exchangers, you get even more. We use your heat exchanger serial number to verify its original design conditions—the only authorized source for confirmation. For failed units:
• We verify your current operation to discover causes of gasket deterioration, swelling or cracking before replacing them
• We recommend the correct gasket bonding method for new gaskets to remedy cracking and leakage
• We use correct closing specifications to prevent any recurrence of over-tightening and damaged plates
With Tranter and its authorized service facilities, you can always be sure that you get the right gaskets, the right plates, the friendliest service and our OEM Guarantee.

Plate Heat Exchanger Service in-shop in Wakefield, United Kingdom

At our specialist plate heat exchanger service centre in Wakefield, we offer
  • Plate heat exchanger cleaning
  • Plate heat exchanger servicing
  • Plate heat exchanger maintenance
  • Plate heat exchanger regasket service
  • Plate heat exchanger service contracts and scheduled maintenance

At Tranter Service Centres skilled technicians safely clean and regasket plate heat exchangers, returning them to peak efficiency. We guarantee our work with our own written warranties covering materials and workmanship.

When materials arrive at a Tranter Service Centre, each plate is logged. For Tranter exchangers, we cross-check the factory database to confirm your original specs. We then conduct a very close visual inspection of gaskets and contact points to determine if there is any erosion or apparent change from the original spec, making sure that each plate merits reconditioning.

If plates are from another manufacturer, we attempt to determine if original specs still apply. Then, we determine the precise cleaning and treatment process needed. You will be informed if any plate is unserviceable and why.

Then reconditioning begins:

1. Plates are pressure-washed and rinsed, then subjected to either hot caustic stripping and/or a manual procedure for gasket and scale removal.

2. Plates are then subjected to immersion in a variety of chemical baths, compatible with the plate material, to remove the balance of any fouling. Cleaned plates are 100% visually inspected and  may be dye-penetrant tested for cracks, pin holes or material failure. Following this procedure, plates are again pressure washed and rinsed to remove all traces of the dye.

3. Plates are then regasketed with OEM-quality replacement gaskets. Tranter offers a variety of bonding methods—including mechanical bonding, non-hardening adhesive and epoxy—selected to meet each customer’s specific needs.

4. Plates receive a thorough quality inspection before they are carefully packed and shipped to assure they arrive at your plant ready for installation. Complete units are hydrostatically tested prior to shipment.


Reconditioning and Field Service for Heat Exchangers 


Tranter Service Centre field service crews are available at any time to service your plate heat exchangers. Whether serviced during a planned shutdown or on an emergency basis, service teams are backed by Tranter worldwide engineering resources, including design, applications and materials engineering. All our on-site work carries one year warranty protection on new parts with workmanship and labor also guaranteed.

On-site services include:

• Plate pack refurbishment (opening and closing of exchanger, pressure washing plates, visual plate inspection, checking and replacing gaskets as needed)

• Plate pack exchange

• Hydro/line testing of exchangers

• Troubleshooting

• Delivery and pick-up (for work in our shop)​​

Cleaning of welded plate heat exchangers

Our crews also provide cleaning services on Tranter and most brands of welded plate heat exchangers. If a channel can be reached, we can usually pressure wash out most contamination.